Jon Seltzer

Jon’s been lending his voice to the world of TV, radio and multimedia since 2002. He began his career in San Francisco composing music for a burgeoning internet when he discovered the world of Voiceover. As a musician Jon found he had a knack for not only singing but reading copy, as both himself and in character. In 2005 he moved to Los Angeles to delve deeper into this challenging and exciting world and feels lucky to be doing what he loves most.


Tostitos Amazon Nissan NASCAR
McDonalds KIA NBC ECHO Powertools DirecTV
Dupont Lexus Songs INC
Tivo TV Blue Cross Sega GENISIS
Doosan Power Equipment Major League Baseball

Nissan Epson PayPal Bosch
American Cancer Society Cisco Systems Washington Mutual
Verisign DTS Roxio SEGA Genesis
FlexYourPower Hilton Hotels Walmart
Dynatec Alcatel-Lucent UNESCO
Porsche Sutherland Presses Biltmore Hotels

Pokemon Yu-Gi-Oh The Chelsea Handler Show The Bootcuts
The Foot People Show Stargate Atlantis Animation Time to Brush Cirque Berzerk
Leapfrog INC. PBBBBLT! The Sad Truth Rapping Jewsus

Scooby Doo Ben 10 Alien Force Paddington Bear
The Cat in the Hat Green Eggs & Ham Sesame Street
US & World Map The Cosmos Cars
Things that Go! Hilton Hotels Walmart
Dynatec  Alcatel-Lucent

Kalmunsen & Kalmunsen: Los Angeles, CA Marica Tobias, Los Angeles, CA
Bill Coeulis: Commercial Auditioning, Los Angeles, CA Jeffery Bihr: Character Study, Berkeley, CA
Michelle Croton: Improv & Scene Study, New York

HISTORY CHANNEL: Modern History (Series) TRAVEL CHANNEL: Top Secret Swimming Holes (Series)
Alcatraz: Search for the Truth (Two Parts) PBS: American Authors: The 1960’s
The Isis Storm: America on Alert National Geographic: Electropolis 3D
The Making of Donald Trump (Two Parts) KQED: Bay Windows – The California Coast
The Marijuana Revolution Nissan: GT-R The Promise Fulfilled
America’s Greatest Prison Breaks SFO:The Last Century